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Air Suspension Seat - 12V (Fabric/)

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Double depth Fabriform® comfort cushions
Backrest Tilt
Backrest Extension
Mechanical Lumbar Adjustment
Armrests with height & tilt up adjustment
Swivel 20° - 20°
Height adjustment
Suspension stroke +/- 65mm
Fore - aft side travel of 152mm
Fixed shock absorber
Vibration performance to ISO 7096
Supplied with multifix mounting design
Model: D3030

Suitable For:

Case IH / International Harvester
1046, 1246, 946, FARMALL 105A, FARMALL 105C, FARMALL 110A, FARMALL 115A, FARMALL 115C, FARMALL 120A, FARMALL 125A, FARMALL 140A, FARMALL 40, FARMALL 45, FARMALL 45A, FARMALL 50A, FARMALL 55, FARMALL 55A, FARMALL 55C, FARMALL 65A, FARMALL 65C, FARMALL 75A, FARMALL 75C, FARMALL 85A, FARMALL 85C, FARMALL 90, FARMALL 95, FARMALL 95A, FARMALL 95C, JXU 105, JXU 115, JXU 75, JXU 85, JXU 95, QUANTUM 100V, Quantum 105V, QUANTUM 110V, Quantum 65V, Quantum 75V, QUANTUM 80V, Quantum 85V, QUANTUM 90V, Quantum 95V
ATOS 220, ATOS 230, ATOS 240, ATOS 330, ATOS 340, ATOS 350, AXOS 310, AXOS 320, AXOS 330, AXOS 340, ELIOS 210, ELIOS 220, ELIOS 230, ELIOS 240, NEXOS 210, NEXOS 210 VL, NEXOS 220, NEXOS 220 VL, NEXOS 230, NEXOS 230 VL, NEXOS 240, NEXOS 240 VL, NEXOS 250 VL
Ford / New Holland
T3.50F, T3.55F, T3.60F, T3.65F, T3.70F, T3.75F, T3.80F, T4.100LP, T4.105LP, T4.110LP, T4.75LP, T4.80LP, T4.85LP, T4.90LP, T4.95LP, TD3.50, TD4.100F, TD4.80F, TD4.90F
M125GX-III, MK5000 DR, MK5000 DW